MikroTik Router Hardening Guide

MikroTik Router Hardening Guide


The MikroTik Router Hardening Guide is almost 50 pages of router security commands, advice, and best practices that you can implement in your networks. This guide is a follow-on to the MikroTik Routing Hardening article that's become a leading online resource for MikroTik security and viewed by thousands every month. Use this guide to gain a deeper understanding of MikroTik security and implement some security "quick wins" in your organization.

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The Guide

The MikroTik Router Hardening Guide, First Edition, is an almost 50 page document outlining commands and methodologies for securing RouterOS devices. It's built around industry best practices, legal and compliance standards, and lessons learned by the author in auditing and consulting engagements.


The guide includes the following sections:

  • CIA Triad and Risk Management
  • Using Safe Mode
  • Physical Security
    • Interfaces
    • LCD Touchscreen
    • Console Ports
    • Physical Spaces
  • Services
    • Network Scanning
    • Securing IP Services
    • DNS
    • Neighbor Discovery
    • MAC Services
    • Bandwidth Test Server
    • Strong Crypto
    • SNMP
  • Firewalls
    • Chains
    • Rules
    • Actions
    • States
    • Input Rule Set
    • Forward Rule Set
    • Best Practices
  • User Management
    • Default Accounts
    • Managing Accounts
  • Best Practices
    • Software
    • RPF
    • Login Banner
    • NTP
    • Backups

The Author

Tyler Hart is a networking and security professional with 15 years experience. He holds a Business degree in IT Management, as well as the CISSP credential and others from Microsoft, CompTIA, Cisco, (ISC)2, Tenable Network Security, and Kitco. Over the years he has worked and consulted with large and small organizations including hospitals and clinics, ISPs and WISPs, U.S. Defense organizations, and state and county governments.