MikroTik Command Line Upgrades

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If you don't have graphical access like Winbox or Webfig to a MikroTik router you can easily do software updates via the command line. These commands can be used in Ansible playlists as well to programatically update devices.


  1. Set Package Channel
  2. Check for Updates
  3. Install Updates

Set Package Channel

A few package channels exist and you can select which branch you'd like. The current branch is always recommended because it's the latest stable release:

system package update set channel=current

If you prefer to live on the bleeding edge or if you want to test new features in development use the Release Candidate channel:

system package update set channel=release-candidate

Check for Updates

With the channel selected run the update check:

system package update check-for-updates

Install Updates

If a new version is available download it:

system package update download

New package files being detected will trigger the install when the device boots.

Kick off the installation by rebooting the router:

system reboot

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