It's a common theme now - if you aren't evaluating your own security, someone else probably is. Hackers and scammers make their living off identity theft, ransoming critical files, hijacking computer resources, and more. The best defense against becoming a success in their book is to examine your systems from offensive and defensive perspectives. You need a trusted partner who can build systems, defend networks, and keeps up with the latest threat strategies and attack tools - that's Manito Networks.

We'll work with you to identify an engagement scope that fits your needs, then assess across the security spectrum, including:

  • Vulnerability exploitation
  • Data exfiltration testing
  • Comprehensive vulnerability scans
  • Facility security assessments
  • Phishing campaigns
  • Social Engineering campaigns

This gives you real-world experience with the latest hacker tools and methods, without the risk of real data theft, bad PR, and all the negative aspects that come with a breach. The methods we use are the same types of attacks that malicious hackers use, and we use the same tools and tricks.

All engagements are confidential and covered by an NDA, and for HIPAA-compliant organizations we understand your unique compliance and BAA requirements. Let us know what we can do to help you improve your own security and take control of your networks.