MikroTik Training

MikroTik creates value for any network operator - WISPs, MSPs, enterprises, and residential subscribers. Having the MikroTik-specific knowledge to implement best practices and good network design takes that value to another level. Manito Networks offers in-person MikroTik training to make your network professionals confident with their skills and get them vendor-certified.

Our unique approach blends over a decade of training experience, robust mobile network labs, and professional training materials. Use the form on this page to let us know you're interested, then keep reading to learn more about our events.

Mobile Labs

Our specially-designed mobile network labs make all the difference. Six rack units (6U) of routers, switches, and wireless access points provide real hands-on experience. The mobile lab consists of two ISPs with core and edge routers, BGP peering, and customer-facing ports — it's a real internet in the classroom. Each student is given their own router so they can bring new networks online just like at  a customer site or branch office.

With this configuration we can test, tweak, troubleshoot, and break our networks in a safe environment. We're also able to go on the offensive with port scans and DDoS attacks without breaking production networks. Students can configure VPNs, tunnels, remote monitoring, dynamic routing, and more. All ISP routers have read-only access for students so they can watch changes on their own routers be reflected on the network in real-time.

Professional, Proven Content

Tyler Hart is the author of the leading English-language MikroTik blog, ManitoNetworks.com. He is also the author of MikroTik Security Guide and Networking with MikroTik: MTCNA Study Guide. Students receive almost 500 pages of professionally-printed lab workbooks and copies of presentations. Our lab networks are thoroughly documented so it's easy to find your way while doing exercises.

Our labs are developed meticulously and lead students through network configurations step-by-step. Network professionals just getting started with MikroTik can rely on the worksheets to guide them through each process entirely. Notes are included about best practices during the exercises, tying what's happening in the lab back to industry standards.


It's important that our labs reflect real-world networks. To bring a spectrum of technologies to you we're using static routing, OSPF, BGP, MME, and RIP. All networks are dual-stack with IPv4 and IPv6 prefixes.

Cloud Integration

Network monitoring is done on a MikroTik router with The Dude hosted in the cloud. Encrypted connections bring together our on-site training lab with off-site cloud resources. Students experience a hybrid environment with MikroTik deployed in both scenarios.

Unique Training Experience

The wrap-around training experience is what sets us apart. Robust labs, excellent training materials, cloud integration, and training expertise come together to make students more confident. Tyler is a MikroTik Certified Trainer as well as a Microsoft Certified Trainer, a Nessus Certified Auditor, CISSP, and more. He is also a US Navy Master Training Specialist and has over 10 years' experience.

Our training material is based on the official outlines provided by MikroTik for each certification. We've also added in industry best practices and lessons-learned from real audit and engineering consulting engagements. This means we can speak to best practices when building WISPs, configuring OSPF, making server connections, securing IP services, and more.

Immediate Value

Every student receives in-person MikroTik training, a RouterBoard to learn with and keep, and their own printed training material. At the end of each course is an opportunity to take and pass a certification exam offered by MikroTik. Once all lab exercises are complete students will have a fully-functional and secure router — perfect for making a configuration template that can be used later.

Notes are added in presentations and lab exercises that highlight best practices, "gotchas", and "quick wins". These can be used immediately on production networks after training is over with minimal impact. We recognize that sending your network professionals to training is an investment, and we want you to get your monies worth.

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Flexible Scheduling

We offer two and three day hands-on training sessions. For MikroTik professionals who already have experience deploying RouterOS we offer a two day intensive training session for MTCNA. Other options are available depending on the number of students and their prior experience.

See our training event schedule for information on upcoming classes.